Since 1991, I have toured the USA and played on dozens of records with, by my count, at least 17 bands, including CHICKENHEAD, MIAMI, SHOTWELL, and ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT. My current bands are BLACK RAINBOW and NEGATIVE JOY. In 2019, I will be joining BIKINI KILL on guitar for a series of reunion shows.



My current project in a series of bands with my best friend and lifelong collaborator, Ivy Jeanne. Black Rainbow began playing in San Francisco in 2009 and continued strong after I moved to NYC and drummer, Morgan, moved to North Carolina. The band has one self-titled LP (Starcleaners Records, 2014), two 7”s and a split 7” with Chattanooga’s HIDDEN SPOTS.



After being a punk rocker all my life, it turned out to be even harder to come out as a noise musician and improv player than it was to come out as transgender! But I did it. Neg Joy is my noise thing, the stuff I make in my room. I vow to play live shows of this sometime in 2019!


Ivy and Erica

When Morgan and Jacqui are not available for Black Rainbow, Ivy and I often play acoustic shows by ourselves. In December 2018 we recorded 18 songs with Jesse Parsons at Church Street Studios in San Francisco to be released in 2019 as a tape. Here is a preview, a rehearsal recording of Dead Moon’s “Day After Day".